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Microsoft Azure – Did you know …. !

April 19, 2016 1 comment


Microsoft Azure – ┬áDid you know changing few settings may save costs OR sometime may result for Re-Deployments

  1. The Blob service supports only single-level hierarchy of container , It means containers cannot contain other containers.


  1. Use quick format when formatting the disks, Which saves costs , quick format will not store large range of zeros with page blob .


  1. You have to Re-Deploy VMs in case you have Re-generated storage keys, to avoid this shutdown the VMs and regenerate the access keys.


  1. If you want to migrate VM into virtual network, Its not easy So you have to re-deploy VMs into virtual network . To do this delete VM but not its disks and re-create VM and attach disk into VM


  1. If you scale UP or Down of Cloud services , then you have to change the cloud service definition file and you have to re-deploy the cloud service.


  1. If the connect button is greyed \ Disabled , it means that VM is Stopped or Endpoint is not configured.


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